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My name is Ama Ananaba

I am a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student with 2+ years of work experience. Aiming to leverage a proven knowledge of Computer-Aided Designing, Rapid prototyping, and Lean Manufacturing Systems to successfully fill a Mechanical Engineering role.  

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About Me.

I am a final-year engineering student graduating in May 2023 and an aspiring Mechanical Design engineer. My passion for engineering mechanics and design brought me to the University of Kentucky, where I am completing my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

  • Experienced Undergraduate Research Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.    

  • Skilled in Rapid Prototyping, Design for Manufacturability and Assembly, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, and Microsoft Office. 

I want to develop innovative and energy-efficient machine designs and finite element analyses. Still, I always seek opportunities to diversify my professional experience and expand my horizons. I intend to use the experience I have gained from working in a team-oriented environment and managing time-sensitive projects to grow professionally and contribute to the success of others' engagement.



Bachelor's Degree
University of Kentucky

Pursuing Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Completed relevant coursework in areas such as Computer-Aided Design, Rapid Prototyping, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance, Microsoft Office, and Lean Manufacturing Value Stream Mapping. 


High School Diploma
Dority International Secondary School

Completed a Secondary School (Highschool) program and attained a Highschool diploma. Honed relevant leadership and teamwork skills by participating in engineering clubs like JET (Junior Engineering Technicians) Club, academic competitions like Olympiad and Cowbell, and volunteering opportunities like International Ambassadors Committee.  

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